Iranian wheat

Database of Iranian wheat landraces

From this page you can download a database describing a large collection of Iranian wheat landraces, and its documentation. The database stores data on the geographic origin and on several morphological, phenological, and disease resistance traits of the wheat landraces.

The wheat landraces were collected in the 1930s and conserved at the University of Tehran. They were evaluated at the University of California, Davis, between 1990 and 1996, by Calvin Qualset, Patrick McGuire and colleagues. See the documentation for more details.

  • Database documentation
  • A vignette showing how one might go about analyzing some of these data with R; and an accompanying file with the R code used.

  • Seeds of these wheat landraces are available from the genebanks of the USDA, CIMMYT and ICARDA


Database prepration and documentation was funded by the Global Crop Diversity Trust
Principal component analysis of Iranian wheat landraces

Collecting localities of Iranian wheat landraces

Predicted maturity of Iranian wheat landraces